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         There are many areas within Afghanistan where the plough has been carved from a branch of a tree, the yoke likewise. 200m2/day can be the maximum area ploughed! 

         Many young men from rural areas have been forced to migrate to the cities in search of employment. 

         More co-operative societies should be established and funding provided to encourage inter-provincial meetings of such groups and the young must have a voice in local and inter-provincial discussions. 

         Agricultural production must be increased through access to an appropriate technology option, small tractors and ancillary equipment most suited to the type and area of land. 

   Vulnerable farmers should have access to training, agricultural inputs and services (tools for agriculture, seed, irrigation, pest control, animal health, micro-finance), either through direct distribution or interventions designed to stimulate choice.

'ZAKI & SON', 200 a day!-June '05

       Governments and the principal International aid agencies must invest in long-term agricultural projects and avoid their short-term, quick return policies. The extremely important agricultural sector has been neglected for too long. Over 85% of Afghanistan is rural!  Employment and guaranteed subsistence are two of the main necessities and foundations for security.


*With more than two thirds of rural Afghans relying on agriculture to make a living, more assistance needs to be focused on providing sustainable employment in rural areas to ensure long term economic development.

*(BAAG- Tokyo Briefing Paper: Aid Effectiveness /Economic Development-June 2012 !)